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James Begg is ultimate "One Man Band", performing a wide variety of music from the 40s - 50s - 60s - 70s - 80s - 90s and the new millennium. This one man band is truly as good sounding as his recordings, which you can check on the mp3 pages. Music Man Live can be seen all over northern California so keep an eye on the calendars to find out when this amazing one man band will be performing at a venue near you. ....And yes, this ain't no broadway show!!!!


This outstanding duo now has its own website GRUVY2NS.COM, where you can see pictures, hear mp3s and check out the calendar of events. I think you'll really like what you see and hear and we look forward to having you come out to one of our events to be a part of the fun!!!

These are the most incredible photos of Hurricane Katrina coming on shore in Mississippi that you may ever see. These pictures were taken by a man in Magee , MS where the eye of the storm passed thru - what an experience. I can't imagine being there to take these photos!

· Katrina approaches. · Blue in the Eye of the Storm
· Ominous · Massive Storm Power
· One of the tornados · Another thunder head
· Thunder Head · The 25+ foot storm surge
· Lightning in the Sky · The flood

Poster Photos

If you are in need of a poster photo for your event or venue, please right click on the photo above and choose copy. The photo is actually much larger than on the page so when you paste it into a document it should be the right size.

You asked for it!

I had a number of people ask about some of my short cut key combinations that are used in Windows, so I listed a bunch of them and you can click here and get a copy of the short list.


Hope to see you at one of the upcoming engagements!

You can also book MusicManLive through River City Entertainment in Northern California and for Western U.S.
If you've seen & heard us then you know when I say AWESOME is an under statement. Check us out at

Yes, I'm still doing the one man band, but the success of Gruvy2ns has limited the number of engagements I'm accepting.

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